The outstanding beauty of Fraser Island

Fraser Island is an island piled up with sand. It is also known as the world’s largest sand island, located just off the South-eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. Deserted over 800,000 years ago from far places, when Antarctica was still connected with Australia. To visit Fraser Island, a person, have to drive north from Sydney in around 14 hours and from Brisbane in 3.5-4 hours. Instead, one can fly from Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to Hervey Bay, Hervey bay is also on all the main bus and train routes along the east coast.

Fraser is an inheritance Site worldwide that is continuously moving and growing and is only one beach in the world where tall rainforests are growing on sand mounds at elevations of over 200 meters. And there are more the 1,000 freshwater lakes.

Best Fraser island tour should be done during winters, and this is a perfect time to visit this place, In Fraser Island, the months of winters are from May to August in these months’ temperature range from 57 to 77 degrees, these are drier months of the year and is less likely to experience rainfall.

Fraser Island is a very exciting place with extraordinary views this Island is a beauty it has a lot of incredible things you can discover which bonds in your memories for quite a long time. This Island is a very popular place to be visited by tourists. It offers much excitement for all ages. The best way to visit there is by road and create your tracks or keep following those tracks created by nature; landscapes here keep changing means no visit track is the same and nor will be the return one.

Indian Head is one of only three segments of rock on this Island which was named by Captain James Crook the one who whilst navigated his ship to the Endeavour, spotted a group of Aboriginals standing on the headland, From this segmented rock a panoramic view can be seen over the beach and ocean, and it is a major whale-watching spot.

The ocean on Fraser Island is wild and pounding, the beach scenery constantly changes from the tides, there are camps, beach fishing, and it’s along this stretch of sand where you gain access to many of the best things you can do. If you plan to visit this beautiful Island here is a list of some exciting activities you will defiantly enjoy doing

  • Watching the sunrise at Eurong Beach
  • Driving 75 Mile Beach
  • Eli Creek
  • Maheno Shipwreck
  • The Pinnacles colored rocks
  • Indian Head
  • Champagne Pools
  • Lake Mackenzie
  • Drive through sub-tropical rainforest
  • Photographing wild dingos
  • Take a joy flight
  • Sunset at Kingfisher Bay


As discussed above this Island is located off the south-eastern coast of Queensland, it is a favorite hangout area for young Great White Sharks and is known for its shark attacks, Still its most beautiful and visited beaches by tourists.

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