Are Personalised Number Plates Displaying Sexual Messages Controversial? Find it out

Private Number Plates

Sometimes, people find the wordings of a number plate to be rude. As per news released after the exposure of the latest DVLA number plates in September 2019 that a customer complained about a new number plate by saying that it was extremely abusive. The 69 style plate signifies a car that was manufactured and put on the public road halfway through the year 2019, and the plate can be used on any vehicle made in between now and next year up to March 1.

The DVLA has replied saying that it won’t eliminate the number plate in spite of the customers’ complaint. A spokesperson of uttered that the greater number of the registration numbers are made attainable for the sale and general issue. Consideration for release has been given to the series that are questionable.

Previously, the private number plates that displayed inappropriate messages were banned prior to the release.

Example: The number plates spelt BE19 END, DO19 POO, etc. were banned in March. Again, the personalized plates that end with SEX, ASS, BUM, etc. were eliminated from the yearly registration plates of the DVLA.

As per a motor group, ORG4SM is accepted as the most expensive plate that is quite naughty as it spells. It had a predicted value of £150,000. Also, Number plates like SHA66R and PEN I55S are expensive too with prices like £4,490 and £7,990.

In accordance with recent research, one-third of the drivers desire for the rude registration number plate. They won’t mind spending huge for a plate that spelt sexual.

As per a motoring expert, the car drivers are continuously seeking various ways to personalize their vehicles. The modern drivers wish to extend their reflection of the status, and hence, the number of vanity plates on the road has increased like never before.

The personalized number plates deliver big business to the DVLA. According to a current report, in the year 2017, £111million was spent on the customized registration plates. Number plate displaying 25 O is the most expensive one and is sold for £400,000 in November 2014. This plate is considered as a reference to the gleaming 250 S of Ferrari which was one of the popular revered cars of the Italian marquees.

The combinations that have been prohibited:

The plates that were removed automatically were NO19 BER, BA19 AGS, EA19 POO, BO19 OCK, etc.

Among the banned number plates, DR19 GGS, U19 SHT, FR19 PLY, AS19 OLE, etc. were there.

The DVLA has blocked 68 combinations in 2018 that were found offensive. For example, BA68 TRD, SH68 GER, OR68 ASM, BL68 JOB, etc.

In the recent year, registration plates like PU15SSY, BU62GER, AR67 OLE, DR12UNK, PA12EDO, etc. were removed.

As per a spokesperson of the DVLA, there are many people who enjoy showing a personalized number plate. In the DVLA website, there are more than 50 million available registrations.

You can check

You will get endless combinations to fit every kind of taste. The price begins at £250.

Again, a number plate displaying 4RAB has grabbed the attention of the majority of Arabs from the Gulf region. It proves that the customised number plates can get huge prices for their uniqueness and many people love to use the cherished plate as a status symbol.

On the other hand, number plate with combinations of words like A**, SEX, are omitted automatically every year. Other combinations like FA** RTS, B** UMS, etc. are also avoided.

Most of the personalised registration number plates are set out for sale but the plates’ agencies do not release any combinations that can initiate any offence, nudity, or embarrassment. Certain number plates that can target the racial, political or religious reasons are immediately banned by the DVLA. The drivers are allowed to choose a combination of numbers and letters that mean something good to them like their name, favorite club, important date, occupation, etc.

Considering the strict guidelines concerning the combinations of the number plates, some plates are banned by the DVLA, while some are not, and the drivers can work with the later ones and show their creativity and personality to the world.

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